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Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Essence of Linen Cleaning Services Available for You

Sprei Murah avail linen cleaning services without knowing the amount of dirty linen available in their home. A person may require numerous linens to be cleaned and these companies don’t judge their projects by its size as they are professional companies. When you are planning to rent any of these companies, it is suggested to mention the amount of dirty linens available and ascertain the expenditure for cleaning them.

The entire linen cleaning process may not be difficult to handle, but people may not have servants in the home which may lead to the requirement of linen cleaning services. There are many people who reconsider their decision before renting any such company} due to less confidence or they may be worried that such companies may hamper the quality of the linens. But the employees of these linen cleaning companies should be completely reliable which should be checked by these companies before hiring them. It will ensure that they will safely deliver the cleaned linens and not steal anything from the home.

You will definitely get impressed by the linen cleaning service. Your linens will smell very fresh and will make people very happy to use them. If you are planning to rent any linen cleaning company}, it is better to hire anyone with a legal license with years of experience in this field. You may also compare the rates of different companies and thereby compare their quality of services. You should specifically mention them about those linens which require special cleaning.

But before commencing of your project, just make sure that you are hiring of the best linen cleaning companies with good reputation in the market. You should get a complete idea about the quality of services provided by them. This will help you to get a proper idea about the linen cleaning company}. You may get many such companies through internet, and save yourself from running around everywhere to get a dependable company}.

There are big distinctions in hiring any servant for the job and a towel cleaning service. The servants will be human beings who will not be able to clean as effectively as any washing machine used by the professional companies. The professional cleaning services offer perfect cleaning of linens. The charges of cleaning will depend on the amount of dirty linens given for cleaning. You may also ask the amount of time that will be required to clean all the linens and date of delivery of those cleaned linens. You will feel relaxed to realize that your linens will be properly cleaned to perfection. It is the best way to maintain a clean and hygienic environment in your home.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bed Linen As well A great deal Spells plus Catch the attention of That will Women of all ages

Your base is usually a sizeable furniture piece or simply a site utilised as the spot for a snooze, doze, take it easy, convenience, or simply engross to all libidinoso kindred. Most modern headboards is made up of your raised air bed using a bedframe, nonetheless recommendations biggest to say of decent raised air bed excellent, general population shouldn't be based upon Low cost the purchase of a, along with the raised air bed getting to sleep also using a stable starting, normally hardwood planks exercise, or simply a leapt. Around Canada and america lots of headboards your internet site common box originate inner-sprung starting, a considerable mattress-sized common box including lumber plus enclosures that give more care and attention plus suspension with the raised air bed.
A lot of headboards employ a headboard pertaining to getting to sleep alongside, by using people as well owning side-rails plus footboards. Headboard exclusively headboards normally your internet site dust particles ruffle, base top, or simply a "balance sheet" to cover your bed figure. Pertaining to significantly better travel service, the majority employ a wedge pillow, based over the rest your raised air bed. As well utilised can be a ouert shell formular that will cloister the exact individual, normally bedsheets, your quilt, or simply hungarian down blanket, together with each other labeled as bedsheets. Bedsheets is definitely the uncertain, changing non-furniture on a your getting to sleep ecosystem. Your base is often considered as your body system, as well as bedsheets a attire. As well, lots of people opt to circulate along with the common box originate plus bedframe, plus buy a new toothbrush by using a base base design and style.

That is prevalent around The eu, Queensland plus Tosu, japan. A strong handy base is usually a base that is changed to the a few different destinations plus web pages. A strong airbed works by using a strong air-inflated raised air bed, from time to time plugged into a stainless steel air mattress pump plus owning changeable, as your adjustments. The exact adjustable method of a strong airbed could also be over in place plus crammed, hence was generated pertaining to travelling or simply momentary visitor parking area apply. Your bidet is usually a base really pertaining to infants newborns. Your box-bed is usually a base owning the method of a considerable common box by using hardwood roof covering, teams, plus edges, cracking open in-front by using not one but two dropping decks or simply closes, frequently used around appartement around Wales, from time to time as well ascribed to your base contracted so that you can fold-up towards a common box.

Your défenseurs base, made out of sensory problems. défenseurs plated base is usually a current economic climate base with in terms of iron, an incorrect défenseurs base, by using a lean treatment with défenseurs, which in turn over time themes out of as well as in terms of iron can be unwrapped. Your bunk bed can be two or more headboards a person atop additional. Your studio base can be equally to the bunk bed, except for there's no lessen hoke. The following give room or space down below pertaining to filing, many other home furnishings, and so forth captain's base often called your box base or simply cabin rental base is usually a base base by using compartments plus storeroom sections constructed in beneath the. Your cheesy base is a straightforward, momentáneo, adjustable base made use of by armies and huge governments much more problems. A protective cover base is identical to your three poster base, although the article content often increase better and tend to be splendid or simply covered by using wash cloth, from time to time wholly attaching your bed. bed linen sale made sale made as well a great deal spells plus catch the attention of that will women and base owners very.

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

some Beauty advice For girls To be Balanced Along with Lovely Throughout the Age ranges

Beauty advice for girls can be an on-going look for, then one wonderful attraction when you can have the funds for the idea, is to apply medical procedures to help you cover your own personal all-natural maturing.
Regretfully, there are several information via ladies believe now they appearance a whole lot worse soon after their very own high-priced cosmetic plastic surgery when compared with they were doing ahead of. Rather then getting a probability of a procedure long gone inappropriate, there are many techniques useful to hold on your own feeling and looking lovely rather then picking a procedure. On this page you will browse through a number of beauty advice for girls that will allow that you don how old you are using delight along with self confidence.

Beauty advice For girls #1: Diet program
Diet program could very well be just about the most significant beauty advice for girls to obtaining along with preserving a wholesome appearance. Taking in a great deal of many fruits, fruit and vegetables along with protein-rich food can a lot more gain your current well being. Dieting this way likewise helps in order to avoid extra weight along with improves your power quantities to hold anyone lively within your moment. Most of these food have the key benefits of pushing good balanced along with bright frizzy hair, good fingernails, along with effects skin area that features a balanced radiance.

Beauty advice For girls #2: Normal water
By no means ignore the need for sipping plenty of normal water day-to-day rendering it one of several top rated beauty advice for girls. There are benefits associated with keeping away from dehydration, one too currently being the consequence it includes about the visual appeal within your complexion. A lot of popular refreshments for instance put, coffee beans as well as alcohol consumption truly aid to dehydrate your epidermis along with really encourage the expansion involving creases. To stop all these dehydrating consequences which may bring about wrinkes, you will need to take in a great deal of normal water along with work with a day-to-day moisturiser. A basic nevertheless powerful combo to minimize typically the happening involving creases.

Those that smoke along with direct sun light worshippers likewise manage the unwelcome possibility of experiencing timely creases, that makes it vital in which direct sun light monitor always be donned about sizzling summertime nights, no matter if dark. Stopping using tobacco will suppress creases, nevertheless may well let you are living much longer at the same time, which often for a lot of involving you may well be the top one of these brilliant beauty advice for girls on this page

Beauty advice For girls #3: Frequent exercise
Just about any inclusion of beauty advice for girls examine always be finish and not mention the demand along with significance about frequent exercise to take care of well being along with visual appearance as we all era. Preserving lively is the paramount, no matter if you love it merely taking walks or higher challenging pursuits for instance exercising, diving, riding a bike or maybe sporting activities for instance basketball, dance shoes, karate, playing golf, winter sports, plus the record proceeds as well. These pursuits will help to remain balanced along with experiencing fine with regards to on your own so that you can not just look at almost any medical procedures to manage maturing. Yet another spin-off of regular exercise is typically the undetectable gain this also is wearing your own personal state of mind as well as how you experience with regards to on your own.

Beauty advice For girls #4: Era Endorsement
Each of our remaining part of beauty advice for girls is centered on era endorsement. Understanding how to live with what their ages are is usually something a lot of people will not recognize. Generally this kind of era denial brings into reality they generating finish fools involving by themselves in front of a group! As one example, girls into their 50s looking to outfit similar to 20-year olds donning tight clothes along with bleached frizzy hair, any time evidently they just do not hold the find or maybe visual appeal in order to the idea off of. Never one of several beauty advice for girls which we desire to really encourage!

Alternatively discover how to outfit along with react in ways which might be likely for folks how old you are. Take hold of how old you are and appears rather then looking to always be someone who anyone naturally are definitely not, no less than not necessarily for the past 20 years. It is not to be able to that there's everything inappropriate using donning popular or maybe cool and trendy garments or maybe as an example death nice hair to hide the particular off white, nevertheless no longer turn out resembling some sort of clown in the operation! You may appearance fresh as the primary goal without becoming typically the hub involving consideration to the inappropriate motives.

Maturing can be a all-natural course of action in which anyone have to manage. Regretfully a lot of people will not recognize this kind of simple fact along with rather then understanding how to live with it look at with the possible benefits, that they expend their very own nights, and quite often major money, looking to hack mother nature. Rather then searching on the internet along with studying reserve soon after reserve about beauty advice for girls and looking to the fast solution intended for timeless childhood they must observe the principles.
Merely eat well, take in a great deal of normal water, do an everyday workout and see tips on how to always be lovely by all these standard beauty advice for girls. This may allow you to appearance wonderful to your latest era, whichever it has become, and is likely in the foreseeable future. Hopefully to have identified all these beauty advice for girls valuable.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Aussie Bed Linen for your personal Home

Aussie Bed Linen for your personal Home
Pure cotton hoke product plus pure cotton blankets establish will be premeditated depending on most up-to-date pattern routines + benchmarks. Greatest collecting bedsheets Queensland can be around during medium premiums.

Opt for bed linen depending on the colorations of your outer surface. When you're looking for innovative Aussie bed linen you definitely require in mind the exact structure coloration, blinds together with home furnishings therefore pick and choose something which can be impartial. Use in for impartial tones the grade of people by using a peaceful consequence plus adds to the full look and feel from your home. That is plausible by using uncomplicated and acquiring an excellent plus most effective bed linen. Click on the retail outlets from your vicinity plus spend an afternoon prior to when you your bedsheets for your personal home. Make sure you buy pertaining to bed linen with Queensland which is certainly purchase simply being eye-pleasant will be as good fantastic. The simple truth is pure cotton bedsheets plus wedge pillow ranges are not only seen beautiful are usually decent for there is a pure a / c consequence.

If it happens you're wondering to rework your individual home, among the list of the very least , difficult lessons to undertake will be to give it a whole new glimpse with a brand new number of bedsheets with Queensland. A different number of innovative Aussie Bed Linen deliver your individual bio break by using a unique glimpse providing a great all natural coloration by using a number of made pillow cases that will enhance the exact impress + exquisiteness with any sort of room or space. You can actually go for bright coloration product to allow a cost affect on your room or space. The following colour will work astounding pertaining to the summer months flavour, and for cold months you possibly can limber up your individual bio break by using gloomy pink or simply gloom shades and many more as compared with more than enough you are using layers. You may never often be improper use in for white colored because actual colour of your individual home product. However, you possibly can embellish them with various films + textures to really make the heated local climate may.

For people, who definitely are pre occupied utilizing their ordinary daily life might look up bed linen for the net plus buy Aussie Bed Linen internet. One or two websites + gateways deliver textured sorts bio break blankets during minimal premiums. By way of surf attached web pages, you possibly can start looking thru a spectacular deposits which enable it to your a bed that you wish the best. By using buying, you possibly can look and have pertaining to bed linen internet by using a number of steps from your personal computer mouse with the critter of the home.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

“Supporting Survivors – Oneida’s Victims of Violence Program” Brown Bag in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. On the 16th, the Center for Women’s Studies honored this awareness campaign with a Brown Bag focused on supporting survivors of domestic and sexual assault. Emily Khazaee, Volunteer Coordinator and Advocate at Victims of Violence in Oneida, NY, Joanne Smith, Community Educator and Advocate at Victims of Violence, and Val Brogan, Colgate University Campus Safety Investigator discussed statistical realities of violence in Madison County. One of the panelists bravely shared her story of experienced childhood physical and sexual abuse. Another panelist explained the services that Victims of Violence offers. Val Brogan explained how Campus Safety and Victims of Violence intersect and work together in order to assist students who have been sexually assaulted. Val lent the powerful message that all Colgate students should feel safe on our campus, and encouraged reporting sexual assault incidences because an attacker can compromise this safe environment for the victim.

The COVE also supported the April Awareness month by hosting a Brown Bag entitled, “SVU: A Day in the Life of a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE).” This panel consisted of two female medical staff from the Oneida Healthcare Center who explained to the group how evidence is collected for a rape case – whether or not the victim decides to press charges – in the form of interviews about what the patient experienced and feels, as well as samples coming from the physical body.

I was particularly moved by a story that one of the panelists shared that explained where her motivation for this work initially came from, and why she pushed her hospital to offer these specialized resources for rape victims. One day while working at her hospital, she noticed that a young woman had come into the waiting room. It was a particularly busy day, and the young woman waited and waited, and when she was finally called in to the doctor’s office, she said that she had woken up in a strange place and “just felt weird down there." Because she was unable to describe any concrete event of violence or tangible/visible symptoms, she was sent home without treatment. This story is just one example that demonstrates the extreme importance of sexual assault nurse examiners. SANEs, like the two panelists, play an enormously important role in acknowledging the victim’s struggle, affirming the victim’s dignity, understanding the nuances and seriousness of the sexual assault, and examining the patient in an informed way that will hopefully lead to answered questions for the victim.

Throughout this month, and afterwards, I challenge you to think critically about sexual assault on our campus…acknowledge that it happens, ask why it happens…and then act – shine a light on acquaintance and date rape, open your mind and heart to supporting friends and peers who are survivors, and stand up against practices and behaviors that encourage rape culture and an unequal social climate.

More food for thought:

Steubenville Rape: Reactions and Resistance


Exactly one week ago, Trent Mays and Ma'lik Richmond were found guilty of raping a 16-year-old West Virginia girl. As if the details of the rape were not horrific enough, the reactions to the crime were nothing less of depraved, misogynist, and even sadistic. These frightening reactions, however, do not stem from one source. There is, in fact a progressive line of appalling reactions starting with the reactions of the people at the party and ending with the media coverage on the guilty verdict. Beginning with the people at the party, can I just ask, “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!” I still cannot believe that people pulled out their phones to record and take photos of this incoherent girl being violated by two men. The mere fact that these men removed her clothes and engaged in nonconsensual sexual acts with her practically lifeless body is heinous enough, but to record it? How is this a normal person’s reaction? I’m assuming that not all of the men and women (yes, women too) who took photos are sociopaths, so, how is it that their immediate response to this behavior was to further degrade the girl by recording her and distributing the videos? If this is not evidence that we live in a rape culture, then perhaps the other reactions are. 
            For instance, let us focus on the reaction of one Mr. Michael Nodianos. Nodianos, identified as a former baseball player at Steubenville High School, is recorded in a 12- minute video cracking himself up about the videos and photos that circulated after the rape. The video is so atrocious that I couldn’t even watch the full thing. You know, everyone wants to believe that women are regarded as equal members of society, but, Mr. Nodianos, you have just successfully illustrated the utterly disgusting way people continue to view women. Thanks dude. I won’t recount the entire video since, as I just mentioned, I did not watch the full thing. I will, however, point out a few key phrases that Nodianos finds completely hilarious. He begins the video by laughing about how “dead” the girl was and then goes on to say, "She is so raped. Her puss is about as dry as the sun right now." Nodianos makes some other choice remarks such as, "They raped her quicker than Mike Tyson!" and "they raped her more than the Duke lacrosse team!" The fact that this man acknowledges that a girl had been raped and goes on to laugh about it is so disappointing and sad. No person, be it a man or a woman, should find rape funny. Rape in other countries is used as a weapon of war and here sits this kid on video laughing about it. What does that say about our culture and the way we raise our children? I can only hope that this reaction will open parents’ eyes as to the importance of discussing these issues.

            Unfortunately, the jarring reactions to this girl’s rape do not end here. Rape is so embedded in our culture that even the media finds a way to victimize the rapists. In a video I have attached to this post, CNN laments the guilty verdict by focusing on the effects that the rape trial will have on the rapists, not the victim. In one specific piece of the segment, reporter Poppy Harlow stated that the scene was "incredibly difficult" to watch and goes on to say, "These two young men -- who had such promising futures, star football players, very good students -- literally watched as they believed their life fell apart." It is mind boggling to me that CNN sympathizes with the rapists and says nothing of the victim’s ordeal. Hellooooooo!!!!! These men are rapists, RAPISTS! There is no need to feel sorry for them. They deserve way more than they got and, spoiler alert, they did this to themselves.

            While I am so sorry that this happened, I am kind of happy that this story has gained so much media coverage. It is unfortunate that something as vicious as this crime had to occur before people took notice, but I am glad people are in fact noticing. Too many rapes like these go unnoticed and it is about time that society at large realizes that we live in a rape culture. It is not something that we whiny feminists have made up: it’s true, it’s real, and something needs to be done about it. So, as a closing note, take this as a lesson. First, being drunk does not equal consent. Second, don’t be a bystander; if you see something, say something. Third, watch what you put up online; it might just come back to bite you in the butt.

-Ariel Rivera '13

"Vaginas Against Violence"

The Vagina Monologues, as part of the national VDAY campaign founded by Eve Ensler, claims it will continue "until the violence stops". This year with VDAY's newest campaign, 1 Billion Rising, the message is stronger than ever with the powerful UN statistic that 1 in 3 women in the world will be subject to violence at some point in her lifetime. The success of the Vagina Monologues on campus and the overwhelming support of over 500 attendees sent a clear message: Colgate cares, and Colgate also wants to end this international war on women. Colgate wants the violence to stop.
...but what does that mean? What constitutes violence? And how does one translate the desire to end violence to action? How far away or close to home are these statistics and what are the faces of these women we are helping?

These are the questions posed at the Vaginas Against Violence brown bag which took place earlier in February in the Center for WMST with panelists from the cast of Vagina Monologues. The first portion of the brown bag was spent dechipering what constitutes a violent act. To illuminate the complexity of the issue, the panelists asked the audience to determine whether the following were instances of violence or not:
- domestic violence - rape - name calling - Female Genital Mutilation - sterilization - BDSM - sex trafficking - prostitution - vaginal cosmetic surgery
Some of these were more obvious instances of violence (ex. domestic violence which quite literally has the word "violence" in its title) while others were met with more mixed reactions. Some audience participants debated whether instances of cosmetic surgery or prostitution should be considered violence against women's bodies because they seem to involve more "personal agency and choice". On the other hand, voluntary and consentual instances of BDSM were not considered to be instances of violence despite the physical impact it has on the body. It became clear "violence" is strongly tied to issues of consent and personal choice (or rather, the lack there of).
However, to add another layer of complexity, how do we distinguish between personal choice on an individual versus systemic basis? Especially in our privileged social location at Colgate, it's easy to understand why Female Genital Mutilation in Africa is a form of violence against women's bodies, but what about middle class women in western nations who voluntarily choose to get their labia reduced via vaginal cosmetic surgery? What forms of cultural constraints are those women subject to? Even with this seemingly personal decision, how much control do women in the latter case really have over their bodies and bodily satisfaction? This is not to say that vaginal cosmetic surgery as a whole should be written off as an act of violence - that would be reductionist and discounting the agnecy that does go into such decisions - but it certainly complicates the issue of consent and personal choice.
If anything can be concluded from the first part of this brown bag, it is that there is that violence is not a black and white issue, it is not easily categorized, and it has many different faces.

But what can we do? When the topic of "violence" seems so vast and never ending, how does one act as an activist against it?
EDUCATION: dispel myths about violence, educate others and educate yourself. Find out what resources your local community has to offer. Victims of Violence is an excellent local resource for survivors of assault that provide a 24 hour hotline.
AWARENESS: the biggest fuel for violence is SILENCE, don't be silent! This does not have to happen on a large scale, even talking to close friends and family will help to destigmatize.
SPEAK UP IN ANY WAY YOU CAN: write poetry, share an article, make art, make this issue VISIBLE.

Break the silence so we can end the violence.

- Christina Liu '13

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Experience With Feminism

About a month ago, Elizabeth Marino contributed a courageous article to the Maroon News in which she discussed “The Definition of Feminism.” I will not recount all of what she said as anyone who wants to can simply look it up online (for those of you who haven’t read it, I encourage you to do so). I will, however, mention her main point, which was this: feminism isn’t defined by radical ideals; it is defined by the desire for equality. Despite the simplicity of the concept, many people continue to harbor ill feelings towards feminists, and feminism as a whole. These ill feelings, albeit sprung from ignorance, are feelings that have significantly influenced my own identification with feminism, especially on Colgate’s campus.

I have had a difficult time negotiating my identity as a feminist because of the negative stereotypes that are associated with feminism. As Elizabeth mentioned, feminists are commonly stereotyped as angry, man-hating, hairy, butch lesbians and are thus viewed in opposition to traditional notions of “normalcy.” As a woman who enjoys accentuating her femininity and participating in the mainstream culture at Colgate, it was hard for me to identify as a feminist. Many of the women I interacted with at the Women’s Studies Center were so comfortable in their identity and were so unafraid of speaking up for what they believed in. Witnessing the fervor with which they voiced certain beliefs that I did not share made me question whether I was truly feminist enough.

I was also hesitant to identify as a feminist because I was afraid that people would judge
me. Of course there are many individuals on campus that are accepting and have nothing bad to say about Women’s Studies as a concentration or feminism as a whole. Unfortunately, however, this is not the norm. I cannot count the amount of times that I have been met with an ignorant comment, a condescending question, or a stupid joke simply because there are too many to count. With each comment, question, or joke, I became more and more introverted about feminism. I am a dual concentrator with English and Women’s Studies, but I found that, when asked my major, I would never mention my Women’s Studies concentration. It could be argued that my experience simply highlights my own individual weakness, something I am genuinely embarrassed of. After becoming more involved in the Women’s Studies Center this semester, however, I have come to realize that this is not simply an individual issue.

As a society we are often taught to question ourselves, not the society in which we live. It is because of our society, however, that many, like me, fear expressing feminist beliefs. The issue isn’t the people who are uncomfortable with identifying as feminists; the issue is the stigma associated with feminism. Elizabeth addresses this stigma in her article, but I would like to reiterate that there are many forms of feminism and that you don’t have to be radical to be a feminist. Gloria Steinem eloquently states, “The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights.” Feminism is a collective effort and if you believe in liberty, justice and equality, all fundamentally American beliefs, then you too identify as a feminist.

This being said, my original belief that I wasn’t feminist enough was completely wrong. I have found that I can participate in the mainstream culture on campus while still maintaining my integrity and feminist beliefs. I believe that having a foot in both worlds actually gives me a bit of an edge whenever I find myself in debates with others. I am an everyday feminist: a non-radical feminist who performs feminism throughout the course of her everyday activities. It wasn’t until recently, however, that I came to terms with my own feminism and my transformation is owed in part to my Women’s Studies Capstone. Without a supportive group and without the motivation to step out of my comfort zone, I can’t say that I would have had the courage to openly identify as a feminist as I have done here. Support is a strong motivator and is something that defines every great movement. With this being said, I would also like to acknowledge and thank the WMST bloggers for their contributions and for their courage to speak up. As Professor Loe told me, “All feminists need support for what they do!” It took me four years to find my feminist voice, and to openly support others as I hope to have done here for Elizabeth. Now, I challenge you to do the same.

-Ariel Rivera '13


Global Feminisms

             Tuesday’s Brown Bag on Global Feminisms featured a panel of four Colgate Professors discussing their different types of feminist activism. PCON Professor Susan Thomson, a human rights lawyer, researcher, and author, spoke about activism in her work, her research, and in her classroom. Feminism, she said, is informed by the ability to speak and give voice, to self-reflect on privilege, to be curious, and to able to question why things are the way they are. The main point of Professor Thomson’s contribution is that challenging traditions that protect men and power is a very slow process. She realized this at a very young age after an incidence of domestic violence in her town went unspoken and unquestioned. In her work as a human rights lawyer, she has had two successes in the last twenty years. Professor Thomson asks us to question why and how people are in the positions that they are. Professor of Educational Studies Anna Rios was the second professor sharing her story. She described her experience with feminism as being very elliptical. Professor Rios grew up in an immigrant household and witnessed the experience of her indigenous Peruvian grandmother and the difficulties and harships she faced operating in a patriarchal system. After sharing her grandmother’s story, Professor Rios spoke about how women of color carve out spaces to enact their own agency because oftentimes, they can be forgotten in the larger feminist narrative as a result of an assumed universal experience.
          Professor of German studies Tessa Wegener shared her story of moving to Germany with her mother and her new husband and the affect that had on her conceptions of feminism and how it relates to her interest in women’s writing in post war era and issues of migration and integration. She explained watching her independent mother become a German housewife and the ways in which she was restricted spatially to the domestic sphere. Professor Wegener also spoke a lot about the importance of writing and how it allows women to articulate and share their experiences. Professor of Economics and Women Studies Ulla Grapard was the last professor to share her experiences before the discussions was opened up to Q&A. She spoke about her experience coming of age in 1950s Denmark. I really enjoyed this part of the discussion because it was interesting to hear about the rigid gender roles that existed and the ways in which she rebelled against them. It was interesting to hear about the expectations of docility and politeness and what sort of consequences came from going against those norms. She was discouraged from pursuing economics, and from studying gender and economics. Professor Grapard also talked about pay and gender equality, job segregation, and education. I really enjoyed this discussion and thought it was great to hear from these women their activism.