Sunday, September 29, 2013

Women and Shopping

The article, "The Real Reason Women Shop More Than Men",  published on the Forbes website is about the underlying reason(s) women shop so much. It is written by a woman, Bridget Brennan, who is also the CEO of a consulting firm called Female Factor. She is one of the world’s leading authorities on marketing and selling to women. Initially, I thought it would be a flowery, stereotypical article about how desperate some women are to keep up with the latest trends. However, it really was a sincere article. The reason, it turns out, is because women are putting others before themselves. Along with shopping for themselves, women shop for their loved ones. They think of their partners, children, relatives and then buy items for them. This brings up the question: why do women feel the need to put others before themselves or feel the need to buy things for everyone else? Personally, I think that it is ok to be selfish once in a while and splurge on a new top. However, this article is saying that women tend to get what they need but they also get things for their loved ones in such a way that they analyze how it would impact the receiver. So, does this all stem from the fact that women feel the pressure to please others? I think that this could be a major part of it because some women place a tremendous amount of pressure on themselves to be caring, loving, pleasing, and present all the time. It says a lot that a good amount of women cannot go out for a day of shopping without buying things for others. I also wonder why some men do not feel this pressure or need to shop for loved ones. What do you think about this? Is there any way that you think we can lessen the need to please that some women have? 

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By: Natalie George  


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