Friday, February 28, 2014

Be Careful With the Radiation of Your Hand Phone!

Hand phone is indeed a very useful device for you to have mobile communication easily. However , do you know that the radiation of this device is quite harmful for our health? It is very potential to cause any problems in the brain of the children, the womb of women, and many more problems. Do you know that the radiation could cook egg and popcorn as well as microwave? If the effect is this great, what will be happen to your body if you use it too much?

You should be very careful in keeping this device to reduce the radiation effect. Keeping this device in wrong places or spots might cause several fatal problems for your health. Keep it as far as possible from your kidney, heart and reproduction organ because it has a very destructive effect.

This case might be a brief example. There was a woman who always experienced fetus-fall prematurely in 2-3 months of her pregnancies. When she checked this problem up, the doctor said that her womb had been infected with hand phone radiation. It made the fetus could not grow up and died. The woman experienced this problem because she always kept her hand phone in the pocket of her jacket near her womb for several years.

Furthermore, do not place this device around you when you are sleeping. Some researches show that the people who use their hand phone frequently might have bigger risk of having certain type of brain tumor. It is better if you also place other electronic devices such as radio, television set and laptop as far as possible from your bed.

The radiation of those devices is quite harmful in causing any problems of your hormone production system that works well during your sleep. The effect will be occurred in a long time. So if you have a habit to place your hand phone near your pillow, it is better for you to change it immediately.

The radiation of the device that is also known as cellular phone is also harmful for children, especially for their brain. The brain of the children is quite weak to resist the radiation effect for a long time. Do not use this device near your baby because their brain is too sensitive and might not resist the radiation.

If you are a pregnant woman, it is better for you to reduce the frequency of using cellular phone. Using this device might increase the risk your baby grows with some behavioral problem such as hyperactive and bad socialization.

To reduce the effects of the radiation, you could try these following tips:
1 . Do not allow your children use this device too often.
2 . Make a limitation in its usage
3. Use headset or speakerphone system when you make or receive call to reduce radiation.
4. Avoid using Bluetooth too often.
5. Reduce using Wi-Fi and try to avoid its wave.

The efficiency offered by high technology device might be very helpful for us. However , we should really aware whether it has bad effect for our health or not. Since our health is totally precious and expensive, it is better for us to be preventive and wise with our own health.

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