Monday, May 6, 2013

Iron Man Masks Will Created in London

Iron Man Masks Will Created in London

A number of students at the Royal College of Art London create two types maskeryang give you vision and hearing as Iron Man superhero abilities. They named it masks Eidos.

The first prototype of the mask covering the ears, mouth, and nose wearer. This mask has a microphone. Its function is to ensure that users are hard to hear sounds in a noisy environment. This tool can make you focus even someone in the crowd. You can hear clearly without any noise around.

The second prototype used in the eye. This mask equipped with a camera capturing images and sending the results to a computer. The camera can be applied with the effect on the spot and send it back to the user. Someone mask wearer can observe movement patterns, the results are similar to the effects of exposure photography.

Behind the mask project team used the name Tim Bouckley Eidos. They consist of Millie Clive-Smith, Kim Eun Mi and Yuta Sugawara. This team has showcased two prototype which they make in exhibition at the the Royal College of Art, London on February 2013

They see a lot of applications that can be used from this technology. For example, a person using a mask visual techniques to analyze the sport. As another example, in a concert band, the audience can use a mask Eidos to focus on listening to the voice of one personnel.


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