Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tips How to Overcome Mobile (HP) Affected Water

Almost everyone has had the name the phone does get wet, then how to solve this problem? Therefore consider the tips to overcome the wet posel following. How would it be if Mobile, Smartphone, Tablet or others exposed to the water? You can imagine how we panic. Phone is exposed to water often occurs because of several incidents caused by: rain, splash tub, toilet, drinks and a thing that happened because of our own negligence. Unfortunately, so far there is no factory warranty on damage caused by water. And if that were the case how do we solve it? Do you have to always bring to a handyman service, which is obviously going to get rid of the cost? For that you have to perform first aid in order to avoid severe damage to your phone.

Here are some tips to overcome the mobile / HP are exposed to water that you can apply

1. Turn off the phone. If you know your phone is exposed to water then immediately turn off your mobile phone.
2. After that pull the cell phone battery.
3. Then let go of the components contained in the phone that allows for such off the simcard, casing and memory cards.
4. Well then dry it with a mobile phone using light, remember do it all once dry your phone in direct sunlight as this can damage your phone.
5. Put your phone in an airtight box containing water absorbent granules or if you do not have it you can replace it with rice. Leave the phone in a state like this for about 2 days.
6. Well after all the above tips you have done so now you try to switch your phone back. The success of some of the above depending on how severe the damage to your phone.

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